C’mon guys, is this really the way to celebrate?

There’s trash strewn all across the floor. Red Solo cups and broken glass among the debris. Loud drunken stupor fills the air.

This may sound like a typical college frat party. But in this case… well, it may actually just be an extension of a frat party. Basically, this past week, UConn became the apex predator of the college basketball world. Both the men’s and women’s teams won their respective championship tournament and what followed was something that we are, well, too familiar with.

The meat of the celebration took place on Monday after the men’s team became the first seventh seed to win March Madness. It’s Monday, the week had just started and there’s probably lots of studying to be done, they celebrated anyways. That’s totally understandable. I would do the same.

The Giants have previously won the World Series in the middle of the week, and that didn’t hinder me from celebrating. That’s where both of these celebrations parallel. Inevitably, these celebrations will then take to the streets. In both instances, chaos ensued. While there are fanatics who are in pure joy of their team reaching the pinnacle, there are many stragglers who only use it as an excuse to cause mayhem.

In UConn, some morons were starting fires and even climbing up light poles to shatter the lights. Now, how is this showing pride in your team winning? Is the fire meant to keep warm your fellow revelers? If that’s so, how awfully nice. But isn’t there a safer way to do that? Maybe give them a cotton fleece sweater, how ’bout that? But let’s stop kidding around.

Morons like these should just stop ruining the otherwise joyful atmosphere of these type of celebrations. Same goes to the morons who lit a bus on fire here in The City. There is no place for makeshift bonfires on cars or breaking light posts and spilling glass on the ground; That only risks injury to true fans and potentially disallows future celebrations.

Now, when the 49ers, Giants or heck even the Warriors (and when the Sharks stop choking in the playoffs) win their respective championships, how are we going to behave?

I already know the answer: Crazy. We’ll be happy, but can we at least be safe and respectful? Don’t go around torching automobiles and smashing windows. C’mon guys, it’s not that difficult. I mean, do you really want to share a tiny cell for a night with a guy who reeks of alcohol and will erupt vomit at any moment?