Ten Things I hate about going to the club or concerts:

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Many Skyline students are at the appropriate age for a night out drinking at rock concerts, dance clubs and bars. Here are some points to avoid if you want to get the most out of getting low.

  1. Lack of movement- Nothing is more frustrating to me than going to see good music and seeing a crowd of people with their mouths agape staring idly. Some people stand motionless while facing the artist. Some stare at their phones, or at their shoes. What even is the point of going to a concert if you don’t tap your toe a tiny bit?
  2. Camera phones- Why would someone stand right in front of the stage at a concert and then spend half the time watching the show through their viewfinder? You are not a submarine, you do not need to hold your periscope above your head and against my chin in order to relive this moment.
  3. Crappy YouTube recordings- Have you ever watched a live concert on YouTube from someone using one of those phones? Enough said.
  4. My drink- If you spill my drink, buy me a new one. I know rock and roll gets bumpy, but don’t make me waste $8 because you had to get up front.
  5. Speaking of, watch what you’re drinking- Don’t let the liver lubricant drown you too much; you want to remember the show, right? Nothing sucks more than going to the club with your homies and then having to leave because one of your pals was sick or a jerk. Don’t be that guy!
  6. I think this one is more for men- Please don’t moan while you use the bathroom, whether it’s at the ballpark or a concert or anywhere beer drinking is had. May the river flow silently.
  7. Go to the bathroom before you leave! – Nobody wants to hear you whine during the drive home and it worries the designated driver needlessly. You aren’t 6-years-old anymore; stop doing the pee dance.
  8. Pay attention to the friends you came with, but make new friends too- New friends at the club help broaden the experience by encouraging cooperative fun. Besides, nobody likes a leash to his or her friends. However, if you go to see any local bands or to a bar with your significant other, don’t abandon them or stare obliviously at other people’s bottoms.
  9. Support local music- If you like a disc jockey or support band, buy some of their merchandise or find out when they’re playing next. Music can’t continue to improve if no one recognizes the skilled who aren’t lucky enough to get record deals.
  10. Have a fun time! – If you aren’t having a good time, just go home. Optimism paves the way to happiness.

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