Man’s best friend is my only friend

 (Terence Chin)

(Terence Chin)


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I come from a family with sib- lings who are allergic to cats and dogs, so I never thought that I would ever own a pet. But one day my brother brought home a puppy, and I am comfortable enough to say that it made my family happier and healthier and brought us all a lot closer. For this reason, I’m proud to tell you why dogs are the greatest pets that anyone can ever have.

I grew up in a big family, and my mother always told my siblings and me that we were never allowed to have pets in the house and that dogs were the absolute worst pets you could ever have. As a child, I always use to beg my parents to get a dog, but my mother would just tell me, “No. The answer is no. Having a dog is like taking care of another kid!” I eventually stopped asking for one as I grew older, but that’s when my brother brought home a puppy as a surprise.

Although it took a while for my mother to adjust to having a dog, now she walks him, feeds him, takes him to the veterinarian, and even seems to love him more than anyone in my family. Surprisingly, she seems a lot happier living her life now, and she asks us every morning who walked and fed him the night before.

Dogs are the sweetest, most loving and loyal pets that anyone can own. Even though dogs can be a pain as puppies when it comes to potty training, teething and obeying your rules, they quickly become the sweetest and most loyal animal after you train them. From my own experience, there isn’t anyone that gets more excited to see me than my dog after I come home from a long day at school.

Some may argue that dogs are overly aggressive, and it’s understandable that some people may opt for a cat instead, which is a calmer, quieter, independent and easy-going pet. I just can’t understand why you wouldn’t want a pet that’s always loyal and actively fun whenever you want it to be. Being the owner of a one-year-old dog now, I can promise you that your dog will be what you make it. Perhaps your dog will become your best friend.