Parking lots need regulation



At Skyline, parking is always an unpleasant issue. I believe that motorcycle drivers should have to pay for parking and avoid using parking spaces designated for cars. After all, they have their own parking spots.

One issue related to motorcyclists taking parking spots designated for compact vehicles is that of safety. Many students will try to find a parking space close to their classes, while others just take whatever they can get. Far-flung Lot C is often so remote and isolated that it lacks a feeling of safety when students return to their cars at night, especially in light of recent events at Skyline.

Another issue is space. Often when looking for parking, I suspect that Skyline does not have as many parking spaces as there are actual students who drive to school. For those who are not willing to resign themselves to Lot C, it can sometimes take upwards of ten minutes to find a spot for their car.


Paying for the privilege of parking is also expensive. A permit for the semester will run you a princely sum of $40, but it’s preferable to the pay-by-day option.


But while many of us invest our precious time and money into obtaining a permit and finding that perfect spot for our car, there are some who have the privilege of parking almost wherever they please without any permit at all: motorcyclists.


Skyline parking lots have rows of smaller spots reserved for motorcyclists, free of charge. But time and again I’ve seen motorcycles and scooters taking up the regular-sized spots that I pay for.


According to Skyline’s Chief of Public Safety Brian Tupper, motorcyclists are not prohibited from parking in regular spots despite not having permits. These students are only fined if they leave their vehicles parked in “no parking” areas.


Skyline students have different opinions on the issue. Simon Cabanero believes that motorcyclists shouldn’t require permits and submits that it’s actually a good way to reward motorcyclists, whose vehicles have fewer emissions.


“I don’t mind them not paying,” Cabanero says. “That’s great since they help the environment.”


Princess Evangelista holds the opposite position. “Motorcycles parked at a regular parking spot stills take up space and should be required to have a parking permit,” Evangelista says.

Some motorcycle drivers are sympathetic to car drivers and park in their specially designated parking spaces, but some are not as considerate and use the car parking that car drivers pay for. Many car drivers including myself would appreciate a little more consideration from motorcyclists.