A better alternative to Norton and McAfee

Very few computer programs have gotten away with being consistently subpar year after year like Norton and McAfee antivirus software do. Both services take up way too many resources and offer subpar protection while charging their users the maximum price. It’s confusing to think that an immensely better alternative to these programs isn’t more popular.

Not only is Avast Free Antivirus an overall better antivirus program than McAfee or Norton, it’s also free for life. Avast is available for download with no registration of any kind required. Avast is perfect for any Windows user, from the casual email checker to the hardcore gamer. Avast doesn’t slow your computer down as if it were the main task you were performing either; it sits quietly in the background, using very few resources while maintaining a wide variety of protective services. Few things are as frustrating as having your computer bog down because your antivirus software is chugging away at something unknowable to you, and in my experience, Avast has never done this.

The free version of Avast offers powerful antivirus and anti-spyware programs, all of which update automatically and will never require any kind of charge for continued service. There are paid versions of Avast for those seeking extra features such as spam blockers and identity protection, but similar services are offered online for free already. The most important part of Avast is its powerful and constantly updating antivirus software, which is available for free.

As a user of Avast for about four years now, I’ve yet to get a virus on my computer that Avast didn’t stop. Whenever I’m told about how friends lose thousands of dollars’ worth of computer equipment simply because of a virus, I want to scream. If you’re going to spend more than $2,000 on a new system, why wouldn’t you install a free antivirus to protect your investment?

Common knowledge suggests that if given an option between a product you have to pay for and a free product, the paid product will be of higher quality. This is definitely not the case, as Avast antivirus is free and leagues better than the alternatives.