Balloting begins for Skyline’s student elections


Steven Rissotto

The candidates for president and vice president from left to right: Kenneth Tam, Win Shwe Yee, Jonathan Scott, and Hnin Thandar Win.

The ballots have been distributed for the upcoming student elections at Skyline College for the 2022-2023 school year, the Associated Students (ASSC) announced on Tuesday.

The election balloting will take place online from April 19 to April 21 with each personalized ballot arriving in the school inbox of every registered Skyline student. The polls will be closed on April 21 at 6 p.m. To provide some extra encouragement to vote, ASSC has unveiled incentives that five lucky voters could win, such as a Hydro Flask or a graphics calculator.

Due to COVID-19, the elections are exclusively online.

Kenneth Tam and Win Shwe Yee are the lone two candidates running for president, a role that is regarded as the highest-ranked for students in the ASSC Governing Council. According to the description of the position, the individual is required to provide leadership to the council and represents the student body at large while also assisting in establishing a meaningful and intentional campus community where different voices can be heard.

“Community college is super underrated and absolutely does not deserve to be looked down upon to the degree to which they are,” Tam’s ballot statement said. “Skyline has been nothing but good to me thus far; this is my opportunity to give back and make a difference in changing the stigma behind community colleges by bettering the experience and school environment here from the perspective of a student.”

“As an advocate, I have taken action by leading, co-founding, and administrating in different clubs and youth organizations,” Shwe Yee said in her statement. “Being part of ASSC will make it even more possible for me to contribute to our community. As your President, I will strive to ensure the voices are heard, the agendas are executed, and the activities are fun.”

Jonathan Scott ––– also Shwe Yee’s running mate ––– is squaring off against Hnin Thandar Win for the position of Vice President, a position that requires an active and committed dedication to supporting the students and the campus community. The winner would also serve as Chairperson of the Election Board.

“I am running for Vice President because I want to bring forward my knowledge of our campus and the programs, services it provides in order to assist students in being enriched and successful at Skyline College,” Scott wrote in his statement.

“I’m the most qualified candidate as I’m currently working as a student ambassador at ISP office, so I’m always in touch with students,” said Thandar Win in her statement. “I’m flexible, reliable and have strong communication skills. I have plenty of experiences of planning events and completing the assigned tasks in a timely manner.”

The two candidates running for Commissioner of Activities are Chantal San Felipe and Eureka Soriano. This position includes duties such as preparing a calendar of activities and events, coordinating all activities sponsored by the ASSC, designing and working to propose budgets for events and more.

Other candidates include Thiri Wai Wai running for Commissioner of Finance and Win Thiri for Commissioner of Publicity, while Sarah Ruiz and Grace Xu are going toe-to-toe for Commissioner of Public Records. For the vacancy with the ASSC senators, six individuals are running and are expected to all be accepted into the role. Iliana Crisostomo, Kesha Cromartie, Lorenzo Madrigal, Winmar Oo, Alysia Tanimura and Chuyun Wang are all vying for the spot.

Anthony Tran, ASSC’s current President, is running unopposed to become Skyline’s Student Trustee nominee.