Skyline Library via Zoom

Reach out to a librarian, and get help on your assignments

Skyline College’s library continues to offer services online since the state ordered residents to shelter in place effective March 19.

The shelter in place order left the library to close down until further notice. Skyline’s library has moved forward since then, and created an online source that meets the needs of students. 

“The interactions are missed, although we are still able to connect on Zoom, feedback in person is far better,” said Jessica Silver-Sharp, a former librarian. 

Moving online, the library has been able to boil down to what essentials students need most. The services the library has to offer will ease whatever stress students may have regarding a paper, report, or class. 

Before the pandemic, students were able to rent a book, but with social distancing, librarians had to reinvent ways to get our resources. OER Commons is a source librarians are using to find e-books for students instead spending a costly amount for a textbook. Librarians have taken the time, and reached out to teachers in order to help find a more affordable textbook for students. 

Go to Skyline’s College web page, press campus on the top bar, and there you’ll see a tab for the library. On Skyline’s library webpage, you will find a chat service where you can speak with a librarian for further instruction. 

“Librarians will guide you with assignment questions, help interpret questions, help with research, and give you reference for an interview,” Silver-Sharp said. 

The library continuing to run has been a challenge due to it being closed, but still offers students support on services. Schedule a zoom meeting with a librarian, and get help evaluating your sources or on AP service.

The Human Library is another service offered by Skyline’s library. The Human Library is an organization that brings communities together through conversation. The Human Library held its first conference online in April. The next Human Library will take place late October. Stay tuned until further notice. 

“Stay less isolated, broaden your view, and share each other’s potential,” said Sanjyot Walawalkar, librarian. 

Conversations are held one-on-one over Zoom, and barriers are broken through conversations. Sign up to be a reader, or share your struggle and be a book for others. Find more information on 

Skyline College remains closed, but the library’s resources remain available. Students can reach out to librarians and get the help they need. The future of students stepping onto campus is still unknown. 

Both Silver-Sharp and Walawalker expressed how they see the future of our campus. 

“A more empathetic campus, and services better targeted (towards) students’ needs,” Silver-Sharp said.

Walawalkar wants the value of having students back on campus. Schedule a Zoom meeting with a librarian, get your resources today at Skyline’s library, and be a part of a community by joining Human Library.