Weekly briefs

On the morning of April 28, a 40-year-old pedestrian was killed as he was crossing 19th Avenue and Winston near the Muni stop by Stonestown Galleria mall, while he was halted at a red light and the driver who was in green hit him by the crosswalk.

A 31-years-old Mark Mangaccat was killed in his home in Daly City, after picking up his fiancée from her last shift at SFO as they had been planning on moving to Las Vegas, by a fellow SFO worker of hers who was trying to develop a romantic relationship with her. The shooter Kevin Prasad had ask the fiancée to end her relationship with her future husband. Having refused, this leading to the decision of shooting Mangaccat to get him out of the way.

After an entire month of numerous accusations, the United Kingdom based company Cambridge Analytica decided to shut down. It will also begin the bankruptcy process in a federal bankruptcy court in southern district of New York.

Starting on February of 2019, the name of the older youth program of Boys Scouts of America from 11- to 17 year-olds will be renamed into ‘Scouts BSA’ and will welcome girls into their ranks.