Weekly Briefs

Starbucks will close 8,000 stores on May 29 for “racial-bias education” after two black men were arrested in Philadelphia on April 12 while waiting in the store without purchasing anything. The curriculum of the training will focus on identifying and addressing their own biases to prevent any future discrimination situation.

Woman turned her vehicle into a weapon on April 18 at 9750 Golf Link Road in San Francisco. She stole donuts from the Shell gas station and was eventually confronted by police.

Puerto Rico has been hit by island-wide blackout on Wednesday, April 18 after a transmission line over balanced and fell. Puerto Rico has been struggling for the past 7 months after Hurricane Maria as they try to recover especially with their “aged power infrastructure.” It is estimated that it will take 36 hours to get power back.

A vivid green bike lane has been added to the upper part of Market Street past Octavia, in San Francisco. The new lanes create safer bike lanes along the entire Market Street and will not be done until early May 2018. The project may be done ahead of schedule as the project started one week early. Laguna and Guerrero will also get safety zones for bikes like the ones in Upper Market street.