Dr.Taylor-Mendoza’s VP of Instruction candidate forum


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Having a good student counselor relationship to help achieve academic goals is one of the main points that Dr. Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza pointed out on Feb. 23rd in the open forum for candidates of the Vice President of Instruction (VPI).

The forum was one out of three held as an opportunity for Skyline students to get to know the final candidates. Amongst them was Dr. Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza. Students were encouraged to ask questions and write down comments that they thought were the most important to them.

Dr. Taylor-Mendoza has been a community college educator for 12 years, but has been apart of the San Mateo Community College District for eight years and has been the interim Vice President of Instruction (VPI) at Skyline College for the last six months.

Before answering any questions, Taylor-Mendoza gave a short statement about what she sees as important for a Vice President of Instruction (VPI).

“It’s important in my role that I am making sure that all students are served in every capacity, and that I am meeting every individual needs in each of you,” said Taylor-Mendoza.

One of the many questions that was brought up was about meeting the requirement goals. ASSC Senator Amirah Tulloch, asked how was the VPI going to ensure that students meet the two-year requirement goal.

“I know that Skyline as an Institution, has a goal of getting students either transferred or on their AA path way in two years,” said Tulloch. “But from a lot of people that I talk to they are saying that that goal is not feasible to them because it’s…not explained.”

Taylor-Mendoza commented on the students’ concerns.

“I can get some Input from you guys to see what will be the best practices to put into place for you to get through two to three years”, said Taylor-Mendoza.

She then went on to add that she will like to form a VPI council that consists of a group of students, staff, and counselors where they will meet twice a month so everyone can be kept in the loop.