Weekly Briefs

On Sunday night two people were killed and another was injured in Daly City at Hillside Market in the town of Broadmoor after a triple shooting. Broadmoor police have arrested two suspects named Devin Lum and Guardado Duff in connection with the homicide. The police stated that it is believed that this was an isolated incident. Victims Vanessa Guillory and Michael Garcia-Salem were killed in the shooting and a third unidentified victim is recovering at San Francisco General Hospital.


Hanover School District in Colorado implemented a policy over a year ago that allows teachers to be armed on school grounds. Many claim that this makes them feel safer. Now, Sheriff Richard K. Jones of Butler County in Ohio has offered to teach a free concealed and carry class for teachers. He capped the list when 300 teachers signed up for the training.


U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel allowed the border wall project to proceed due to his ruling that the Trump administration has the ability to waive environmental laws that California, and other environmentally-conscious states, used in the field suit against the administration.