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Skyline goes inclusive with textbooks

Photo by Mark Magat

Photo by Mark Magat


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Inclusive access is making a huge impact in the SMCCCD, which has allowed to cut the cost of school materials for students as well as improving learning outcomes.

Pearson, the company that developed the concept of inclusive access, published on Oct. 24, 2017, the benefits of inclusive access.

Benefits of inclusive access as stated by the company Pearson were,”faster and higher quality student progression. Improved understanding. Frees up time for one-on-one instructions, and allows students to work at different paces”.

When inquired about his opinion on inclusive access, Chak went on to say that having digital textbooks, connects directly to a student’s Canvas and students can have access instantaneously. Inclusive access is very beneficial for students, but it still does have some “hiccups”. It for students who struggle with either digital or print, to have the option to choose which medium of learning is best suited for them.

Ziggy S. Dower who is Skyline student majoring in economics stated that the inclusive access made his education easier.

“For intense the e-text that came with my Spanish class, with Mosaicos,” Dower said. “I got it for free, and all the e-text, the online work; it all came inclusive because of financial aid”.

Dower who is also planing to transfer next semester further stated because his human biology class has not integrated inclusive access, Dower will have spend $130 on a hard copy book.

The College of San Mateo online bookstore also went on to describe inclusive access as, “interactive software platforms developed to provide an enhanced learning experience beyond reading the text.”

Even though, the Skyline Bookstore is approached with the possibility that they would sell more non-academic books for leisure.

“It’s just not there anymore. A lot of colleges are eliminating their trade book department, just because the sales per square footage and the about turns you have to get, it’s just not there,” said Chak.

The bookstore does publish books written by faculty as well as, the “Woman of Writing” which is set to kick off the first Saturday of March. The bookstore will also be selling adult coloring books for to help alleviate students of their stressful schedules.



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Skyline goes inclusive with textbooks