UC Workshop readies students for transfer

“Numbers do not encapsulate the whole of who you are as a human being,” Chanel Daniels said, an adjunct English professor affiliated with TriO Student Support Services (SSS) at a University of California Application Workshop on Oct. 28th.

Fall semester is when many California State Universities and UC’s start accepting applications for the following fall term. With application deadlines looming, many students can become stressed over questions meant to make them stand out from other applicants.

Skyline’s SSS program offers services to promote academic success, and holds workshops which provide an interactive and welcoming environment for those in need of guidance regarding the UCPersonal insight questions.

Daniels emphasized that these questions provide the admissions officers an opportunity to get to know you beyond GPAs and test scores.

The focus of the workshop was targeted towards the mindset one must have in order to stand out among the thousands of applicants.

She said the questions may seem easy, but not do justice in portraying the person you are and that no question is weighted more than the other. However, Daniels advised being mindful when choosing the questions.

“It’s not about certain questions being better than other questions in general, but it’s about which questions are best for you as an individual,” Daniels said.

Daniels assured the attendees to not be overwhelmed. While working on concise, thorough, and polished answers, she reminded everyone that the skillset needed to succeed was already in their toolboxes, and encouraged students to take advantage of those around them to get feedback.

TriO Director Michael Stokes agreed with Daniels and proposed to those gathered to reconvene and share drafts as an opportunity to spark new ideas.

Daniels hopes to make the process of transferring transparent by bridging the gaps and creating an environment in which students can ask questions and learn from one another.

“Often times a barrier can become an opportunity depending upon how you respond to it,” Daniels said.

Jeremiah Thomas, another Skyline student thinking back to the workshop, felt it did a good job of breaking barriers.

“It was empowering,” Thomas said.

Daniels conveyed how details in application answers were absolutely essential. It isn’t so much about the talent itself, but how it influenced students’ development into the people they are today. She gave an example to portray this.

“You’ve played soccer for many years and that’s great, but what did you learn from it?” Daniels asked. “What are you going to take away that you’ll infuse into whatever career field you go into.”

Dante Guevara, an engineering major who’ll be applying to colleges this semester, felt the workshop addressed the question behind the questions.

The next UC Application workshop is on Nov. 16th, from 3-4 p.m. in Building 5-5102. Students will have the opportunity to have their answers to the U.C. application questions reviewed by peers and faculty on Nov. 22. Time and place are yet to be determined.