City College continues battle

City College of San Francisco prepares to take next steps in its accreditation struggle.

CCSF will submit their self-evaluation report to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools on Oct. 15. The commission has a site visit planned for the week of Nov. 16.

CCSF is working to rectify its issues separately from an approaching lawsuit between San Francisco’s City Attorney and ACCJC, which begins on Oct. 27.

The lawsuit is going to target ACCJC for unlawful business actions under the Business and Professions Code.

In a recent ruling by Superior Court Judge Karnow, ACCJC will be accountable to this code because it was decided that the commission was a business for the purpose of the trial.

“There were a number of ways we saw the accreditation process deficient,” Gabriel Zintrin, city attorney deputy communications director, said.

In the original complaint from August 2013, the Department of Education found ACCJC in violation with some of the code of federal regulations. One of the issues brought up being that the president of ACCJC appointed her husband to be apart of the evaluation team, which they concluded as having the “appearance to the public of creating a conflict of interest.”

In the same report the City Attorney cites a political ideology difference having a play in the status of the college. CCSF had been an active opponent of policies and legislation that the ACCJC was in favor of.

“ACCJC believes its decisions with respect with City College of San Francisco have been valid and warranted and it will ultimately prevail in court,” ACCJC consultant Eliza Chan said in an email.

Once the self-evaluation and the ACCJC team visit are completed the verdict on CCSF’s accreditation status will be decided in January 2015.

“This is a genuine opportunity for the college to get its house in order, building on what it has reported to be recent progress toward compliance with standards,” According to a press release by provided by Chan, ACCJC President Barbara Beno stated. “We welcome their application, and the Commission is absolutely committed to giving CCSF and the possible restoration status a fair review.”