ASSC pushes back student election dates


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The deadline for students to apply to run for student government was extended to April 13, and the election date is now April 30, as decided by a 12-4 vote (with three abstaining) by the ASSC on March 21.

It was extended to give a chance for more people to run and to give the ASSC more time to publicize the elections to the student body.

This also gives currently running candidates more time to campaign. With more time to publicize, the ASSC hopes to get more students to vote in the elections.

“A goal of mine is to see if I can get more voters to turn up,” said Edwina Yuan, vice president of the ASSC.

Some members of the ASSC did not think this was such a good idea. They thought it would be better to hold two elections in- stead, but this would have created a greater work load for the vice president and the ASSC.

Mark Lipkin, a member of the ASSC and a candidate running for president, said that even though he did not agree that this was the best option, he still stands by the decisions of the ASSC.

“I thought that since candidates were already approved to run and started campaigning . . . that changing [the election date] with such short notice was not courteous,” Likpin said. “However, I do understand why it was done.”