Student found dead

Student found dead

Skyline student Leonie Scott was found dead close to Skyline College campus, according to the San Bruno Police Department.

Scott, 20, was found April 17 near Skyline Boulevard and College Drive, according to local news outlets.

Chief Deputy Coroner Jerry Cohn from the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office said the cause of death is still under investigation, but it appears to have been a suicide.

San Bruno police speaking to San Bruno Patch said that Scott was reported missing Saturday morning after she left her home distraught after an argument with her boyfriend.

“I was surprised and shocked,” said Shannon Tucker, a longtime friend and co-worker of Scott’s. Tucker said that only last week she saw Scott happy and even excited. She described Scott as an extremely positive and friendly person. Tucker said she never expected that Scott would kill herself.

“She didn’t want anyone to feel bad because she was feeling bad,” Tucker said. She stated that Scott had a way of always going above and beyond for her friends. “She enjoyed giving. She was happy to see people getting her gifts.”

“Even though she was younger,” Tucker said, “she felt more mature in some ways.”

Nan Ding, also a friend and co-worker of Scott’s, is also shocked by her death.

“We used to hang out a lot,” Ding said. “Like, two to three times a day.”

Ding worked alongside Tucker and Scott at Target. Saturday, when Scott was reported missing, San Bruno police questioned Ding and Tucker about Scott’s whereabouts.

“It doesn’t feel like she’s gone yet,” Tucker said. “It’s almost like I’m expecting her to call and tell me that she is all right.”

“I was pretty much in shock,” said friend, coworker, and writer for The Skyline View Luis Osorio. Osorio doesn’t think that Scott committed suicide. “I don’t believe it; a lot of people don’t want to believe it.”

“She was always so sure of herself,” Osorio said. “She would share her dreams and goals with you. She was always happy about life.”