Building 7 alarm pulled during class


(JJ Valdez)

On Oct. 28 in building 7, third floor a fire alarm was pulled during class at around 9:40 causing all classes in the building to be temporary cancelled.

According to Officer Brian Tupper it was discovered that someone had pulled the fire alarm during class after fire officials found no smoke, or signs of a fire.

Some students and professors who evacuated were annoyed by the fact that class was cancelled while others were confused by what was going on.

I thought it was kinda ironic because we were all in English class for both alarms and we ran for the door for the drill last week but when we heard this fire alarm we didn’t do anything”, Said student Vince Iannone. “We didn’t know if it was a drill or not.”

While the alarm was still going students were encouraged to not leave and stay outside the vicinity of building 7.

At 9:52am classes were officially back on schedule and students were allowed back into the building.