Welcome Week a Success: Money Well Spent


(Andrew Lidwell)

The Associated Students of Skyline (ASSC) put on an assortment of activities two weeks ago for both new and returning students.

The president of ASSC, Ray Parenti-Kurttila, estimates that over $6000 was spent on this semester’s Welcome Week activities ranging from free food to a mechanical bucking bull. The money, he says, comes directly from the optional $8 student body fee.

Many felt the money was well spent, such as ASSC advisor Amory Cariadus, who explained that while a person at a restaurant would spend about $8 on a hamburger, chips, and drink: on campus one gets the same plus all the other events ASSC offers throughout the semester.

“Overall it went really well. The events gave students opportunities to get to know each other and become a part of campus.”

Because of the construction that went on (and continues to go on) in Skyline, last semester’s Welcome Week posed the added challenge of having a limited event space and having little to no visibility to passing students en route to class.

This semester had its own challenges, though. The power outage that closed morning classes on the 23rd served as a mixed blessing: the club booths received a burst of foot traffic, but it didn’t last long. Most students left after hearing the campus closed.  

One of the more popular events, the mechanical bucking bull, drew crowds to watch fellow students being whipped around on a rocking, turning, bucking bull. Their falls were cushioned by an inflatable structure and cowboy hats were provided.

Free food was also a crowd pleaser. Second year student, Primo Rivera, attended the Pancake Breakfast and was grateful to have access to free food in the morning when everyone was rushing to class.

“People don’t do this everyday; it’s something you take for granted.”

Morning students were not the only ones who benefited from Welcome week: Doughnuts and coffee were provided for students attending night classes.

ASSC recognizes how popular the free food events were and plan to buy more for the next Welcome Week.