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Full-time teachers paying more for health care

Diana Diroy

November 21, 2004

Starting this January 2005, Skyline's full-time teachers will have more money taken out of their paychecks to pay for the planned increased health care costs. "From the faculty's perspective, we're kind of scared because our salaries are ultimately going down," said Rick Hough, co-chair for the American Federation of Teache...

Surgery is not the solution

John Harrison

November 21, 2004

On Nov. 9, a new boundary was crossed by surgeons at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital (LPCH) at Stanford. Bariatric surgery, also known as a gastric bypass, was performed at a children's hospital for the first time in California, opening a new door for the treatment of overweight young people all over the state. A gastric b...

Transferring: Arduous but worthwhile

Timothy Ng

November 21, 2004

Preparing to transfer to a four-year university can be one of the most stressful and taxing endeavors a college student will undertake during their undergraduate tenure. It's critical to employ the services of Skyline's counseling department, which can help inform students to make educated decisions when they plan to transfer. If...

Tag You’re It

November 21, 2004

What is your name?My name is Nikki Santiago.What is your declared major/minor?I plan to major in English or literature with a minor in theater/art.What college do you plan on transferring to?UC Berkeley-it's a good school.What is your favorite book?That's a really hard question but I shall say, at this moment, "When the Elephants Dance," b...

Events Calendar

November 21, 2004

Nov. 22-Stop the Violence rally Noon - 2 p.m., quad-DSPS Raffle ticket sale (until end of semester)Nov. 29-Dec.2-AIDS Awareness WeekNov. 30-SHPE Food Sale Mesa Center, room 7207-Serious Issues in American Culture 2:10 - 3 p.m., 5:10 - 6 p.m., room 5110Dec. 1-Latinos Unidos Holiday Shopping10 a.m.- 2 p.m., cafeteria-Resourc...

Everything you ever wanted to know about Magic (but were afraid to ask)

Elizabeth Sinclair-Smith

November 21, 2004

Mana: Basic unit of energy. Is required to do anything useful in a game of Magic.Life: The amount of damage a player may take before they officially lose the game. Starts at 20, may fluctuate.Library: A player's deck is referred to as their library. Entails a collection of spells a player cast as soon as they are in the han...

Do you still believe in magic?

Elizabeth Sinclair-Smith

November 21, 2004

In the previous installment, our reporter decides to learn all there is to know about the card game, Magic, and the people who play it in the school cafeteria. She finds herself in over her head when she sits in on a game. Clueless, she asks some of the players to tell her what they know. We continue with the same conversation."D...

 (John Harrison)


November 21, 2004

Students who have registered for the Spring 2005 semester have undoubtedly faced problems resulting fr...

Who will stop the genocide?

Todd Lenaburg

November 21, 2004

In Webster's New World Dictionary, genocide is described as, "the deliberate destruction of a national, racial, religious ...or other groups defined by the exterminators as undesirable." According to the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, more than 40 million "undesirable" babies have been killed in the United States since abortion wa...

I’m Mentioning

Frank Romero

November 21, 2004

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is that gets people up every day? I'd be willing to bet that if you asked any random Skyline student exactly what time they wake up each morning, the answer would be something along the lines of, "As late as possible, without missing class." Don't get me wrong, by any means; the answe...

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