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Enervated platonic lovesick sing-along

Jonathan Dipratna

October 7, 2003

     "Lost in Translation," with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, is a great film.     They raise the film into being a contender for movie of the year. Also worthy of noting is the fantastic job their cinematographer Lance Acord did in instilling each frame of the film wi...

Wizard of the Hood blows into town…

Jenn Livesey

October 7, 2003

     In this mystical walk through an imaginary land, you feel the vast beats, racy lyrics and a sense of humor through Insane Clown Posse's artist Violent J.     A parody of "The Wizard of Oz," the Wizard of the Hood is creative, imaginative and as funky as it could be for a...

Tossing and turning bodies to an opening victory

J. C. Vogan

October 7, 2003

     The Skyline College men's wrestling team opened their season on Friday with a 24-20 victory over Shasta College.     Bobby Stack, a second-year student, led the way by recording the only pin of the night. For Stack, this was especially sweet.     A Pacifica native, Sta...

Two No Votes for football program

October 7, 2003

     Skyline College does not need a football program.  At a time when community colleges are short changed and programs are being cut or downscaled, I cannot believe you had the audacity to even suggest spending additional funding into the Skyline sports program.  A successful program that has the ...

The Recall Election

Chris Choi & Jenn Livesey

October 7, 2003

     Jenn: Unless you've been living under a rock, or been on vacation in Antarctica, you've probably heard about the California recall election.     This recall election is a waste of time for the state and voters alike; it is a drain on resources and money as well.  &n...


October 7, 2003

     The flu season is upon us.  That time of year when the sounds of people sneezing and coughing are rampant in the classrooms.  With this in mind, there are thousands of students in community colleges who don't have some kind of medical coverage.  So what are these students, who don't have med...

The icing on the wedding cake

Lou Sian

October 7, 2003

     Four tiers. Chocolate ganache icing. Alternating layers of white cake with fresh strawberry-vanilla filling and chocolate cake with coffee butter filling. Fresh flowers.     Amy Lawlor's recipe for wedding cakes is simple elegance. Professor Lawlor teaches English litera...

ASSC working towards a brighter future for all students

Peter Murphy

October 7, 2003

     "The meeting is called to order. It is 2:10 p.m." ASSC (Associated Students of Skyline College) President Tanya Johnson presided over the weekly meeting of student governors. Johnson writes the start time and the first few items of the agenda on the board. "First order of business is..."  ...

Gay high school headed in the wrong direction

Nicole Marshall

October 7, 2003

     In a time when homosexuality has become part of mainstream culture and media, it seems that integration of straight and gay society would lead to tolerance and acceptance, apparently it's not.     It seems odd to me that an all gay, lesbian, and bisexual high school has rec...

‘Common Grounds’ at Skyline

Danny Robles

October 7, 2003

     A month-long exhibit and campus wide forum mobilized to combat prejudice and bring the Skyline community together, will be open to all students and faculty on the Skyline Campus beginning October 1.     The event, entitled Common Grounds, was conceived after a male student...

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