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Interactive food and resource map

Welcome to our interactive map with information about finding affordable food around a few cities in San Mateo County. We compiled a list of restaurants, fast food establishments, grocery stores and resource centers and included key details about pricing and location. The cities we displayed are Pacifica, Daly City, San Bruno and South San Francisco. The goal of the map is for individuals and families to find cheap and affordable food options in their respective neighborhoods, as the theme of food insecurity continues to affect many areas.

Each location pin includes the address and an indicator to determine whether the spot has a history of affordable options on their menu. You will either see inexpensive, moderately expensive or expensive. The criteria on the labels were determined by multiple reports from online rating sites and judged from the establishment’s menu. We dug through every menu to find the most accurate and up-to-date prices available to ensure the map can be utilized in a positive and helpful way. 

Blue symbolizes fast food, yellow is restaurants, green is grocery stores and red is resource centers.

Many of the grocery stores listed are smaller-scale stores with very little fanfare behind them. Therefore, we were unable to track down exact prices or the reputation of these specific stores. We recommend checking local ad sales that run weekly for the best deals. Coupons are another way to save money while buying groceries. 

The food resource information ––– located in our maps in red ––– have specific information on campaigns and drives that certain locations are offering to those in need. Some may require further qualifications, so we advise that you use our contact information from the map to find out more about these options.

San Bruno

South San Francisco


Daly City

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