All you need to know about spring fashion


By Ashley Hernandez

“Florals… for spring? Groundbreaking.” -“The Devil Wears Prada”.

Put away your winter gear, including those UGGs, because spring is here. But fret not, because your favorite Lululemons and denim jackets go all year long. Your turtlenecks, sweaters and rainboots are still acceptable, because we can expect spring showers. During your spring cleaning, make sure to get rid of those old clothes, and make room for these new trends.

According to Vogue, trousers are the new replacers for sweats. I can agree with this, since they are both equally comfortable. Trousers also have the ability to transform your outfit into a classy, sophisticated and comfortable look. Get ready to turn heads and bring a fun experience to your closet. Another trend to expect are psychedelic prints. Have you always wanted to experiment with your clothing? Well, now is the time, because prints are in, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Get your shopping carts ready, because Vogue predicts puffy sleeves this season. Prepare for a sensible style with a Victorian attitude.

Thanks to daylight saving time, we will be seeing more sunlight. This is good news for all the dresses and skirts that have been hiding in your closet. Who What Wear shared their suggestions on spring trends, and wearing sheer garments is one of them. I stand with this idea, because you can layer and wear a sheer blouse underneath your dresses or t-shirts! Colors to look out for are lime green, tangerine and bubblegum pink — Adopt this fun idea and stand out in a crowd. A trend that I look forward to are knee-highs. Whether it’s boots or knee-high socks, it will for sure flare up your outfit.

Forbes might have said it best as to what’s to come this spring. First up are corsets. We saw this trend briefly at the end of last summer, but it looks like they’re back again, a season early this time. Coming second and third are square toe shoes and cool cutouts in clothing. The fourth trend is the baggy look — Put this in effect with pants of choice or a vintage tee. Fifth on the list are miniskirts — Miniskirts bring me back to the early 2000s, so I’m glad they’re back. Sixth, seventh, and last on the list are tinted sunglasses, bubble quilting and checkerboard respectively.

Men’s 2021 trends

Men and women are free to share whatever trends appeal to them and take away from each other’s categories, and here are men’s fashion trends to adopt, as suggested by GQ Magazine. Share positivity and buy shirts that spread good vibes, or go for sensible attire and purchase outfits with good pockets. Hand-knitted garments are the move in men’s fashion, as well as the classic look of long-sleeve polos. Going down the list for men’s spring trends are bright yellow attire, polar fleece pants, soft suits, patchwork shirts, jeans, clogs, and Japanese work coats.

Spring is the time of rebirth — Flowers are blooming and the sun comes out for longer each day. Last year, around this time, we all entered the lockdown. Although social distancing guidelines are still in place, you can still enjoy yourself through self-expression. Try out one of these fun trends and uplift your mood with color, texture and pattern. Remember that while you don’t have to follow the trends, it doesn’t hurt to try them. Even if you choose to dress comfortably, you can still be fashionable about it. For example, a sheer blouse with a pair of sweats sounds like a compromise to me. Choose how to dress freely, I know I will be mixing those men’s trends with my own style. Feel free to share your spring looks on Instagram or Twitter. Let us know what trend you adopted, and tag @theskylineview.