Save the date for “Date Night”

Save the date for

In the recently released comedy movie “Date Night”, Phil and Claire Foster are your average middle-aged married couple. After learning of their friend’s pending divorce, Phil and Claire fear that their lives are heading down the same path, so they decide to have a night on the town to spice things back up. They end up telling a little white lie to take a dinner reservation and careening down dangerous yet funny path.

The movie uses a formulaic story that has done many times over the years. A group of people, the Fosters in this particular case, are put in a bad situation. Completely out of their usual element, they must figure out how to deal with unfolding events. Hilarity ensues as the characters encounter individuals who either help or hinder them on their adventure. While this plot device is stale, casting the right actors in “Date Night” pushes the movie into a fresh and hilarious arena.

Steve Carell and Tina Fey play the Fosters. They are very believable as a tired middle-aged couple trying to get away from the norm drag of daily life. They play their roles so well, it’s hard to see them as the famous comedians they are. Regardless of age, audience members can relate their problems dealing with rambunctious children and boring jobs because everyone has experience with how mundane life can be.

Another thing Carell and Fey have going for them, and what helps keep the movie moving along during some slow parts, is their sense of humor and comedic timing. Fey’s quick and sarcastic humor combined with Carell’s dry, awkward jokes blend perfectly to make even dangerous situations a cause of hilarity.

Filling the rest of the cast of “Date Night” are some other notable actors and actresses. James Franco and Mila Kunis play a couple on the wrong side of the law and they have a very funny encounter with the Fosters. Mark Wahlberg has a role as a former soldier helping the Fosters out with their bad luck and dangerous situations. His cameo as a manly man, complete with cool and fancy gadgets, is a perfect mirror to Carell’s everyman character.

Another thing that makes the movie different from other comedies is that anyone can watch and enjoy “Date Night.” There’s no graphic violence and there is only one swear word in the entire movie. In this day and age, that’s something that one is hard pressed to find in any other move geared towards adults.

Date Night is a funny, engaging, and family-friendly (in an adult sort of way) movie featuring some of the current biggest names the comedy business. It’s perfect for those who want a good laugh and don’t want to see any violent action, sappy romance or saccharine children’s movies. Date Night is the one to see on your night out.