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College students need more motivation to go out and vote, especially since the President of the U.S. highly impacts the education system.

Non-voting Skyline students highlight larger issues

December 7, 2016

Nonvoting college students are usually uninformed or detached from the candidates Bobbee Calacal,...

To vote my conscience or to vote my district

Judah N. Darwin, TSV Staff Writer

November 8, 2016

Kevin McCarthy is the whip for the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. The whip is responsible for “whipping” up votes for a bill or amendments. McCarthy has a line that he says to undecided representatives: “vote your conscious, vote your district just don't surprise me.” This line made it into the Emmy...

Former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson has mostly remained under the media's radar in this presidential election. Photo credit: Creative Commons

The left right out candidate

October 31, 2016

Unknown to many, Gary Johnson is one of the other candidates for President of the United States. A Republican...

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