Archouniani: My first game back at Levi’s Stadium since COVID

Stormy weather proved to be a challenge for both players and fans during the contest


Arman Archouniani

The home of the San Francisco 49ers since 2014

After a long two years of not being able to go to Levi’s Stadium because of COVID, I finally went back to the home of the San Francisco 49ers. In recent history, there has not been a lot of success since moving to this stadium but win or lose the fans are always rocking for their team and giving everything they have as a fanbase.

It was four hours before kickoff and you can already smell the barbecue fired up, the roar of the faithful fans, and can sense the joy from everybody around you in the tailgating parking lots. There have been some rough patches lately for the 49ers but one thing you can never question is the loyalty of the fanbase.

On a day where the storm was at its worst, you can see the smiles of many people while partying before the game. With 25 MPH winds and heavy amounts of rain, the 49er faithful was still up for the game and were anticipating a win going into the Sunday Night bout with the Indianapolis Colts. Going into the game, everybody knew it was going to be a wet and nasty night on the field with a lot of ground and pound attacks from the offenses.

After a very convincing first drive by the 49ers, the fans were roaring and excited and couldn’t care less about the weather as the spirit of the team fired up the fans. After a great first quarter, the atmosphere around the stadium was a noise we had missed out on for the past two years. Things started to change as it went into the second quarter and the rain started pouring down even harder and fans were starting to get a little restless at the way plays were being called.

Going into the halftime intermission the 49ers went down 13-12 but the fans were still hopeful after an amazing start to the game and could not believe the team was losing at halftime. With a struggling Colts team that was 2-4 going into this game, this was the time the 49ers had an opportunity to turn things around after a slow start to the season.

After going through the second and third quarter without scoring, the crowd did not like what they were seeing and the Colts started to grow throughout every quarter and many penalty calls were making the atmosphere even more agitated. Many fans were still hopeful the game could turn around in the 49ers’ favor and after an amazing drive by Jimmy Garoppolo and Deebo Samuel, it led to a touchdown and a sudden roar came out from the fans and the momentum seemed to have shifted.

Deebo Samuel showed the fans again as to why he has been one of the most improved players in the NFL over the past season and the fans were really feeding off his energy and performance.

The fans were active throughout the whole game with many roller coaster emotions in the crazy weather but it was not enough as the 49ers fell to the Colts 30-18 putting the 49ers at a record of 2-4. The 49ers travel to Chicago to face the Bears and it is an opportunity to gain some ground and after playing two home games against division rivals, Arizona Cardinals and the Los Angeles Rams, the crowd will play a huge factor in those games and they will be up for the challenge.

Overall, the experience of being back at Levi’s Stadium was surreal after such a long time of not being able to attend a game. From the second I went into the parking lot and tailgated for hours until the game, I felt the energy I used to feel going to every game. Taking everything into consideration with the weather conditions and not getting the win, it was truly a place I missed and will be looking forward to the next home game against the Arizona Cardinals on Nov. 7 on a Sunday afternoon.