Warriors look forward to bounce-back campaign

New additions combined with healthy veterans could be a key to success for Dub Nation


Steven Rissotto

The home of the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco is ready to bring a full arena.

After a lackluster 2020-2021 season, the Golden State Warriors look ahead to the new season with some ammunition in their bag. Klay Thompson, who tore his achilles in the offseason, is set to make his return in the 2022 season. A shortened season with 72 games, the Warriors had a positive record of 39-33 but lost both play-in games they were involved in. A season that was filled with many ups and downs had some bright spots that the Warriors could lean on.

Stephen Curry took the league by storm as he returned to his best. Curry reminded everyone that he is still one of the most lethal players in the league. He won the scoring title averaging 32 points per game accompanied by six assists per game and five rebounds. One of the bright spots in the season was seeing that he is still able to sustain his MVP season-level performances.

The emergence of second-year guard Jordan Poole was a very pleasing watch after a rookie year filled with uncertainty. The 22-year-old progressed very well throughout the season and averaged 12 points per game, but more importantly, it was the efficiency that helped gain the trust of head coach, Steve Kerr. Poole shot 10 percent better from the field in his second year and upped his percentage to 43.2 percent. Heading into year three in the NBA, Poole is a good shout for the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award.

One of the best two-way guards in the entirety of the NBA, Thompson, is almost here as he is still being eased into the team. A return in early 2022 is the timetable he has been given which is three months after the season starts. Thompson has been an instrumental piece of the Warriors’ success throughout his tenure with the team and his absence has been felt as they have missed the playoffs in the last two seasons that he has been injured.

With Thompson being out, the Warriors acquired Andrew Wiggins in February 2020 and sent D’Angelo Russell to the Timberwolves.

Wiggins has averaged 19 points, five rebounds, and three assists in his tenure with the Warriors. He has had his best statistical years shooting the ball in his career with the Warriors and was a great addition after Thompson went down. A position that was in deep need because of the lack of depth was fulfilled when the Warriors traded for Wiggins.

Wiggins has chosen to take the vaccine which will make him available for all games this season. He was going to miss the 41 home games at the Chase Center due to the rules applied by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. The vaccine is required for all major indoor events. Wiggins will now receive game checks for the games he was presumed to miss before he decided to get vaccinated which accounts for almost 32 million dollars.

Bob Myers, general manager of the Warriors, has done a great job in free agency over the past years and executed a great plan this offseason in the market and through the draft by getting young players through the draft process and veteran leadership in free agency.

In the NBA draft, the Warriors selected Jonathan Kuminga with the seventh pick and also Moses Moody with the 14th pick and these were big additions to the squad now knowing about the situation with Wiggins. These are two young prospects that play the wing position very well and are a big bright spot for the future.

Andre Iguodala was a massive part of the success the Warriors had through their championship reigns, he has been brought back to the squad after a small tenure with the Miami Heat. Veterans such as Nemanja Bjelica, Otto Porter Jr., and Avery Bradley were also brought in to fill the roster spots but also set the standards for the younger players on how to go about their business.

The “big three” including Draymond Green, Thompson, and Curry have been immense once they put on the blue and gold jerseys. They will not be here forever and the Warriors front office knows this. Teams going out and getting their big signings in the off-season has been a real eye-opener for the Warriors. These next few seasons are very important to these three individuals and will want to contend for a championship with some of the younger talents that are up and coming.

The energy has been rejuvenated in the Bay Area with Thompson set to return and this team will be looking forward to another championship with heavy competition in the Western Conference. This will be a big season for the Warriors and they will be fighting for the trophy they have won three times in the last six years with new blood in the team.