Skyline College Spring sports recap

Twelve female former Skyline athletes were inducted into the Skyline College Athletic Hall Of Fame on Saturday, March 24 in Skyline’s first induction since 2011.

Skyline College’s Athletic Hall Of Fame was established in 1985 and has 125 inductees. All the inductees are enshrined with a plaque in Building 3 on the Skyline campus.

“The twelve women that are going in today are as good of a class and I’m exceptionally proud to be here to induct them,” said Athletic Director Joe Morello. “We are honoring the rich tradition and history of female athletes that Skyline has had to offer.”

All twelve women within the class attended Skyline from as recently as 2012, to as far back as 1982. Many of these women achieved great success while playing for Skyline, receiving awards that ranged from Team Most Valuable Player to earning a spot on the all-state team. However, the criteria to be inducted requires more than personal accolades.

“You must have athletic achievements, as well as those who transferred or earned a degree at Skyline or at another university,” said Morello. “And that they were a positive representative of Skyline College while they were here and they continue to represent the college in their profession afterwards.”

“What’s magical of playing (at Skyline) is that the number one enemy becomes your teammate,” said inductee Dorene Basuino.

Basuino played volleyball at Skyline from 1984-1986 and came from Terra Nova High School. She recalled playing with her rivals from high school.

“You go, ‘Wow this person is funny, this person is nice, this person is not a bad person.’”

Basuino earned multiple All-Coast Conference awards while being the team captain of the volleyball team during the 1985-1986 seasons. She is currently the Director of Student Services for the Jefferson Union High School District.

“It is amazing and exciting for me knowing that my two daughters are here seeing such great examples of women who worked hard on and off the field,” said Kristen Garcia.

Garcia was a multi-sport athlete, playing softball and running cross country for Skyline between 1995-1997. An El Camino High School alumna, Garcia earned Most Valuable Player honors in both sports during the 1996 season. She is currently a principal at an elementary school in Menlo Park.

“It’s a great honor to be a part of this for the rest of my life,” said Marie Colón-Perez, a former Skyline women’s basketball athlete from 2006-2008. During her sophomore season, Colón-Perez led the women’s basketball team in scoring and assists while earning Skyline’s first ever state playoff victory.

Her breakout season led to an All-Conference spot as well as the team’s Most Valuable Player award. After Skyline, Colón-Perez transferred to California State East Bay where she continued to play basketball. Colón-Perez is now the head coach of the women’s basketball team for her alma mater, Mercy High School in San Francisco.

Morello would like to keep the tradition rich and full of students. The twelve new inductees will have their plaques up in the fall semester.