CSM Bulldogs never gave up

Nov. 21, 2015. Final score 55 to 76. But it wasn’t a basketball game – it was the Bulldog Bowl, a NorCal football playoff. College of San Mateo Bulldogs, NorCal’s wild card team, played their hearts out and their butts off, but the Chabot Gladiators were…. well, gladiators.

The first half ended 34 to 14 with Chabot on top.

To begin the fourth quarter, CSM scored seven points, followed by Chabot’s battering with 28 points up on the board, to extend the Gladiators’ lead 62 to Bulldogs’ 21.

The CSM Bulldogs never gave up! They. Just. Never. Gave. Up.

Despite setting some new Bulldogs’ records (QB, #2 Dru Brown passed for 425 yards, with seven touchdowns; receivers #17 Devontae Young grabbed four passes for 106 yards and #13 Chikwado Nzerem caught six for 101 yards) and despite putting 34 more points on the board in the fourth, the intrepid, dogged Bulldogs were slayed by the Gladiators.

It was a gallant effort, painful for CSM fans, yet the team did right by its name. They were Bulldogs all the way.