Giants prepare for odd year

The San Francisco Giants’ pitchers and catchers met in Scottsdale, Arizona to kick off spring training with the first workout on Feb. 19.

With a little less than a week until the first pre-season game against the Oakland Athletics, the Giants are preparing to defend their title.

Meanwhile, Bruce Bochy, general manager of the Giants, recently underwent a heart procedure. He had two stents implanted in his arteries.

According to a press release, Bochy was admitted to Scottsdale Healthcare Medical Center after a physical on Feb. 19.

While resting, Bochy had bench coach Ron Wotus oversee the spring training workouts, according to an article posted by Tracy Ringolsby on

Now Bochy is back on the field to guide his players in another upcoming season.

This season, the Giants are welcoming a handle of new players after saying farewell to some beloved players of the past.

Some of the new players include Ray Black, Norichika Aoki, and Daniel Carbonell, two of whom are outfielders (Aoki and Carbonell). Black is going to be starting his Major League Baseball career as a pitcher.

The novelty of these new players offers a fresh style to the team. Chris Haft, a beat reporter for the Giants, tweeted that Aoki arrived a day earlier than position players were required to report.

While the Giants prepare to welcome these new guys to the team, they will also be adapting to a roster that doesn’t include third baseman and heavy hitter, Pablo Sandoval. Sandoval signed with the Boston Red Sox this season.

Followers of the Giants know that odd years are not often in the team’s favor. Having won the World Series in 2010, 2012 and 2014, the team is no stranger to success, but they do seem to have some annual system affecting their luck.

Despite the superstitious threat of an odd year, fans remain faithful.

Jennifer McAdams, a Skyline student and Giants fan, thinks that there will be a strong performance from the team.

“I feel like they are still going to put in their effort,” McAdams said.

The discouragement of an odd year still exists, but she remains hopeful.

“If we win an odd year, that’s going to break the chain,” McAdams said. “Either way, it’s our team and we’re going to watch them no matter what happens.”

Another Skyline student, Joe Warren, had a rounded response to the daunting odd year.

“It has been on and off with the Giants, but I feel that if we can stay healthy, we have a pretty decent shot at getting into postseason,” Warren said.

Both fans touched on the team’s chemistry.

“We have a good team and they have good chemistry between each other, which allows them to get through tough points in the season,” Warren said.

McAdams spoke about the addition of new players.

“It’s a new year with new players and a new season,” she said. “I’m excited to see them play.”

At this point, the season is all speculation, but once it starts, the superstitions will get tested.