A look at Skyline baseball’s number one recruit

Skyline’s number one recruit, Matt Seubert, has baseball embedded in his soul.

Seubert, a freshman and new season recruit, is a well-rounded player. He infields as a first baseman, pitches as a closer, and bats well.

Seubert grew up around the sport, playing his first tee-ball game around the age of four or five years old. Seubert said that his dad’s side of the family is more athletic, but it was his mom that he remembers teaching him how to play catch in the yard growing up.

Seubert graduated in 2014 from Carlmont High school. He played baseball all four years of his high school career, and it was during his sophomore year that Coach Dino Nomicos began to look at Seubert as a possible recruit.

Seubert continues to hold certain wisdoms regarding the game. He doesn’t settle for average.

“I always try to push myself to be the best I can be,” Seubert said.

As a player, Seubert looks up to Major League Baseball player Derek Jeter, who holds characteristics that Seubert finds motivational.

“He played the game the right way,” Seubert said. “He played with respect and honor. He was humble and worked hard his whole career,and that’s just something that I look for in baseball and life.”

Nomicos, who recruited and now coaches Seubert has similar inferences about his new player.

“He enjoys every minute he gets to play,” Nomicos said.

Nomicos said that it’s difficult to walk into a position onto the team, and that he started looking for new recruits during Seubert’s sophomore year based on what the team needed.

“We know two years in advance,” said Nomicos about the positions and types of players that the team looks for during recruiting.

Both Nomicos and Seubert share the same goal for the future. Seubert hopes to go to a four-year college after Skyline. Nomicos believes that when he moves onto that path, Seubert has the potential to go to a Division One school.

The coach and player also share similar viewpoints on the camaraderie of the team as a whole. The sophomore players have taken the freshman under their wings to offer guidance and support. Nomicos believes that Seubert shows good leadership and will provide this type of guidance for the new batch of athletes next season.

Seubert started the season with some arm problems and will spend this season as first baseman and a closing pitcher, but will most likely cover third base next season.

Despite the problems, Seubert has already displayed a strong start to his season. With three games under his belt already, Seubert is batting with a .417 average. He has also played in each of the three beginning games. Twice on first base and once pitching.

He said he felt “over amped” while pitching during the second game. However, it is still early in the season, and he believes there are still things he can work on.

Just like any athlete, superstitions arise during and before games. Seubert puts on his right sock and shoe before the left and eats five Oreos the night before a game to get ready to play.

So, with continued hard work, and right shoe ready to go, Seubert has a powerful season ahead of him.