Patriots deflation scandal continues

These are not the actual footballs used in the Jan. 18 A.F.C. Championship.

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These are not the actual footballs used in the Jan. 18 A.F.C. Championship.

The Super Bowl is this upcoming Sunday and the anticipation is not only real but also aggravating for most NFL fans especially with this recent Deflategate scandal.

This ordeal happened after the AFC Championship Game with the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots annihilated the Colts by a staggering score of 45-7.

But even after the AFC Championship Game finished, accusations against the Patriots started going around by the Colts. In this case the Patriots reportedly deflated the ball by two pounds per square inch (psi) under the standard 12 psi. The Colts had similar complaints when they faced the Patriots in the regular season.

With that said the NFL is investigating said footballs, and the footballs were investigated over two hours before kickoff. That the NFL officials checked the ball prior to kickoff does not mean that they weren’t tampered with during the game.

The benefits of a deflated football are many. For starters, the grip on the ball improves and the accuracy while throwing is enhanced. It was evident during the cold, wet weather of the AFC Champion Game that a deflated ball could work in the Patriot’s favor.

Deflating a ball is clearly cheating and it ruins the game completely. With that said the Patriots and this whole Deflategate are just silly entirely, as we all know the Patriots killed the game and they deserve to go to the Super Bowl. As of now for all NFL fans hoping that there won’t be any foul play with the balls, a regulatory check is the main concern.

Lastly, the focus should be put upon this Sunday’s game. Not only should the eye be on the Patriots, but also on the Seahawks. Quite frankly the Patriots getting all this flack left and right on a deflated ball is totally unnecessary. Questioning about a football being under inflated is a tad childish.