The View from Hell: The Yearly Teuflisch

It’s another semester, another year, and it is Halloween again! Only this time, we’re not getting a pull out section for the newspaper from the supernatural community of Skyline College. Rather, this year we are reduced to “online only,” which is a problem. At the end of the day, we are people too. We deserve our space in the sun to voice our opinion and the news that concerns the non-human population that the campus refuses to acknowledge the rest of the year.

In any case, there is little that can be done to change the situation, but at least they allowed us to publish online at The Skyline View website, so if you’re interested in reading about the latest in supernatural news concerning Skyline College and the community that surrounds us, go to or click here.

With that done, maybe it is too much for one to hope that things will improve for the undead and supernatural population here at Skyline College, because each year we run into the same problems that bring into question the same issues over and over again. So then the question becomes why does it seem that we can’t learn from the mistakes of the past when dealing with these situations?

Did not the undead and supernatural movements of the past teach anyone anything about rights? And the issues facing the none-human populations? Not to mention the biases that humans and the none-human have against each other?

Will we ever learn or are we doomed to be the same as the living?


This article is not real and was written for the TSV online Halloween special for Fall, 2015.