Food Insecurity in the Land of Plenty

San Mateo County is one of the United States’ richest counties. Despite the area’s significant wealth and continual technological advancements ––– the heart of Silicon Valley is stationed there ––– a big issue still remains: food insecurity. The land of plenty still lacks basic food resources that are accessible to all types of people. Due to the current rise in inflation, it’ll get more difficult to access food in an affordable manner.

In partnership with our California Humanities fellowship, we investigated the issue and highlighted different mediums to showcase the problems many people around the county are facing.

Chris Ceguerra broke down the meaning of food insecurity, meal preperations, rent and housing connections, and possible solutions. Adriana Hernandez followed a San Francisco resident as she decides how to best utilize her spending ––– paying the bills or buying meals. Anoush Torounian focused on grocery store workers struggling to get by and how inflation is amplifying the process. Finally, Steven Rissotto presented four interactive maps that highlights fast food, restaurants, grocery stores and food resource centers from Pacifica, San Bruno, South San Francisco and Daly City.

San Mateo residents juggle which basic need they’ll prioritize
VIDEO: The heavy decision between paying for bills or meals
Grocery workers struggle to afford food amidst inflated prices
Interactive food and resource map

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