There is no age limit for success


We’ve all been through it: It’s almost your high school graduation and just as you’re about to set off on the journey of a lifetime, you’re supposed to pick a major that leads to a career. Only, you do makeup scenarios in your head about your career choice and question if you want to pursue an occupation that makes a lot of money or an occupation that has something to do with your passion.

For some of us, it isn’t so easy to choose a career straight out of high school, and though I graduated in 2016, it’s still hard for me to get acquainted with time. This brings me to my point: I’m only 19 and I feel as if there is a timer on my life.

Perhaps it’s due to the millennial culture. Millennial culture is the fear that if we do not accomplish everything and don’t become successful at 25, we’ll die a failure. I’m guilty of this and tend not to give myself enough credit for being here.

I’m guilty of telling myself that what I’m doing isn’t enough, or telling myself that certain things aren’t going to make me money in the future to be well off. But I always have to remind myself that age is just a number.

There is no age limit for success. Charles Darwin was 50-years-old when his book “On the Origin of Species” was released.

Alan Rickman, who many of you may know as Severus Snape from “Harry Potter,” followed his passion for drama at the age of 26 and it wasn’t until 1988 when Rickman was 42 years old that he obtained his first film role.

Vera Wang, before she was one of the most famous fashion designers in the world, was a journalist and competitive figure skater who didn’t begin her career as a designer until she was 40.

There are countless other testimonies of people becoming successful regardless of age. The lesson we all could learn from this is that we need to stop working towards the unrealistic idea of perfection and mitigate the fear of not being successful by the age of 25.

Our culture is the sinking feeling in our stomachs as a result of thinking about not being successful by 25. It is assuming that our abilities to succeed have passed due to an imaginary timer on our lives. As unfortunate as it is, a lot of us fall victim to this.

But we shouldn’t. Don’t overwhelm yourself with mantras that make you scared of not being successful by a certain time. Throw away the “white picket” fence dream and understand that it’s okay not to have your whole life figured out.

We need to tackle this mentality of not being enough by a certain period of time. I’m not sure how much my reassurance will help you in tackling this issue, but here I am, a fellow millennial, telling you that you will be okay and if you aren’t now, you will be eventually.