Joe Biden (Left), Bernie Sanders (Top), Mike Bloomberg (right) and Elizabeth Warren (down left) 2020 Presidential Election Candidates (Creative Commons )
Joe Biden (Left), Bernie Sanders (Top), Mike Bloomberg (right) and Elizabeth Warren (down left) 2020 Presidential Election Candidates

Creative Commons

A Guide to the 2020 California Democratic primary

March 3, 2020

A Guide to the 2020 California Democratic primary

It’s that time of year again where we vote for the person to represent the Democrats in the 2020 election in Nov. Some of you haven’t voted yet and aren’t sure on who to vote for. Don’t worry, this is a breakdown of all the Democratic candidates. First, a little background of the other primaries before this one.

Iowa, Feb. 3: The results of this election contained much delay after an app, the Democratic Party coded, failed and gave faulty results. After the app failed, they went to Plan B: the classic paper trail. After all was said and done, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Bernie Sanders tied in terms of votes at 26.2%, but Mayor Pete got one more delegate than Sanders, thus giving him an early lead. After those two came Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar.

New Hampshire, Feb. 11: The top two of Buttigieg and Sanders tied in terms of delegates, but Sanders won it by a margin of 1.3% in the overall votes. Amy Klobuchar came third, sealing the final six delegates.

Nevada, Feb. 22: Bernie Sanders took the majority over everything, getting 24 delegates along with 46.8% of the overall vote. Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg followed suit in second and third, respectively.

South Carolina, Feb. 29: Joe Biden made his mark with his first win of the campaign, beating out Senator Bernie Sanders. The race was called three minutes after polls closed in favor of Biden. He took second place from Buttigieg in the outright delegate race.

On March 3, we will see not only the state of California voting for the Democratic nominee, but also the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia.

Here are the four candidates for this year’s Democratic primary, in order by where they are in the race.

Bernie Sanders is the current leader of all the nominees in the democratic race. He ran in the last election cycle and eventually lost to Hillary Clinton. He is a firm believer in Medicare for All, a “Green New Deal,” which involves solving climate change, among countless other beliefs that make him a popular choice.

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Joe Biden is just behind Sanders in second. He is the former vice president to President Obama in his eight years as President of the United States. His top three keys or “vision” as he calls it on his website, is to “rebuild the middle class,” getting “respected leadership on the world stage,” and to make a democracy that benefits everybody.

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Elizabeth Warren is a Senator from Massachusetts and is fourth in the race. Her “featured plans,” according to her website, are to “End Washington Corruption,” “Tackling the Climate Crisis Head-On and to “Cancel student debt on Day One of my presidency.”

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Mike Bloomberg is the former governor of New York who has not even reached the top three in any of the Primaries. His tagline for this election claims that he, “will get it done,” and has a plethora of plans that can be read on his website.

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These four will be on the ballot for this year’s election. You can find their QR codes and can scan to get more information about the candidates.

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