The View From Here: Appreciate the Arts

As the tech world becomes increasingly prominent, many students feel the pressure to dedicate their lives to STEM. But as this occurs, we need to remember that there is still worth in creativity as well.

I had trouble with this concept as I struggled to decide on a major. There may be many people telling you technology and science are the only way to go and there is not much hope in the arts and humanities. But these things need not lose their worth.

There are nine types of intelligence, but the academic world places the majority of its focus on logical mathematical intelligence. This can sometimes lead creative individuals to feel they lack intelligence altogether.

But those with a creative mindset often have strengths such as innovation and problem-solving. Their unique skills are not always taken seriously, which can be seen when artists are underpaid for work that may look simple, but took years to be able to do with ease.

Today, we see our community college district promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics through various programs, and this can discourage the addition of courses involving the arts and humanities. But these courses create skill sets and well-rounded individuals who offer diverse viewpoints and insights that they would not have otherwise.

Even if you are not a tech or math genius, you are intelligent, and you have a lot to offer the world with a creative mind.