Skyline Becoming a Smoke Free Campus??

 (Anttwan Stanberry)

(Anttwan Stanberry)


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So as we all know by now, starting fall of 2009, Skyline College will become a “Smoke Free College.” Now I don’t know about you, but I think this is a DUMB idea for many reasons. Incoming students who do smoke will not know that Skyline is smoke free, returning students will not have enough time to adapt to this new rule, and the fact that students need to smoke to relax are all reasons why I feel that this is a dumb reason to have a smoke free campus.

If a new student is coming to Skyline and they are smoking a cigarette, are they going to get fined? Yes, SMCCD emails all students with the “” email address, but how many students actually read those emails? Better question, how many people actually know how to log into the site? My point from all of this, new students who smoke will now know about the smoking rule and it will take time for them to adapt to this.

Speaking of adapting to new rules, returning students at Skyline will also have time to adapt to this new rule. Yes there are signs every where saying “As of fall 2009, Skyline College will become a smoke free campus” But do you really think students who come to school one semester smoking, will just up and stop smoking the next? NO! I can see if we at least had one year to stop smoking, but one semester? I honestly feel that it will take at least one year for Skyline Students to adapt to this new rule of no smoking on campus.

Smoking is a way for many people to relax. When someone is feeling stressed about something, all they need is just one smoke to calm them back down. When it comes down to finals and grades are about to get ready to get turned in, many people are all stressed. Smoking a cigarette is going to be the only way for some to feel less stress. So let’s just say little Jimmy – some random name that I thought of – is stressed and outside smoking, are they going to get a ticket for it and get fined? I personally think that this is wack!

Point is, in case no one got my point yet, the Smoke free campus rule is by far one of the worst decisions I feel that Skyline College has made! I honestly do not think that this is going to work out, but of course this is just my opinion; let’s get the opinions of the students of Skyline College!

Question: Do you agree with the fact that Skyline College is going to become a smoke free campus starting fall of 2009?

“I do not agree with the rule, but I feel that coming from a person who does not smoke, I do not appreciate the smell. People who smoke should have one area so that people who do not smoke should avoid that area.” Karisa Plurad, Interior Design Major

“No, I don’t understand why people can’t smoke. You can’t tell people what to do.” Jonathan Gulinga, Business Major

“No, everyone has their own right. It takes away their freedom. I think they should restrict it more.” Alex Deguzman, Physics and Film Major

“I agree, no one follows the rules as far as where you can and can not smoke. Your not respecting other peoples feelings” Diana Serrantes, Pharmacy Major