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Season Finale: Heroes

I stuck with this show through Season Two, which is more than a lot of people can say. The plot got dealt a hefty blow then, but they’ve been recovering since. The season finale brought a great degree of character back into the show. A mother, who’s always cruel and calculating, loves her son too much to let him go – and she makes a decision she knows is foolish in a desperate attempt to hold on. It’s a great cliffhanger for the next season, because unlike the other previews, they don’t out and out say what’s going to happen. They do some foreshadowing, and they let the audience guess. They’re bringing back what made the first season so great – that element of uncertainty – and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

-Andrew Lidwell

30 Rock Finale

30 Rock is one of the best comedies on television. The finale is a follow up to an arc introduced a couple of episodes back and completely wraps it up. With Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey and Traci Morgan, you have a recipe for success. Add in all the celebrity guest stars singing a special song at the end and you have one hell of a finale. They didn’t really introduce any plot threads for next season, but then again with this type of show they don’t really have to. If you are unfamiliar with 30 Rock then you have to check it out.

–Joe Fogel

One of my shows to watch this past television season has been J.J. Abrams’ new science-fiction T.V. series Fringe. For those of you who haven’t heard of Abrams, he’s made his name in television with the hit spy show Alias and mystery-filled island show Lost.On the big screen, Abrams has the new age monster movie “Cloverfield” and “Star Trek” under his belt. Fringe is sort of like Lost in that it is filled with mysteries that sort themselves out as the show goes along. The season finale culminated in lots of questions being answered about the teleporting criminal and why he’s trying to get to the other universe as well as what’s up with William Bell and where he’s been all season. Like a good show, it left viewers with many more unanswered questions, such as why’s Peter’s name on a grave, what’s with the war going on in the other universe and to what extent did drug testing affect Olivia. If you haven’t caught this show, you got all summer so watch it and be prepared for the next season of Fringe.


How I Met Your Mother Finale

If you are familiar with How I Met Your Mother then you know how consistent the show is. Though it jumps around through time a lot, they always keep a firm, believable timeline. With that in mind, they brought back the goat that Ted mentioned last season. After mentioning it, he realized the goat was in the next year (which would be this one). This was by far the best finale I’ve seen this season. They tied up all their loose ends and more importantly set up the future of the show (Hint: it alludes to the name of the show).

–Joe Fogel

The Office Season Finale

Usually The Office has the best season finales. However, this time around I felt the finale was lacking. The episode titled “Company Picnic,” didn’t really wrap up anything from the season as they usually do. Furthermore, they didn’t really set up next season. Aside from one major thread at the very end, the episode didn’t really open up anything new for the next season. The episode did have some really good jokes, but, as a finale, was sub par. That’s not to say the show didn’t have a great season, I was just expecting more from a finale.

–Joe Fogel

LOST’s season closer answered many questions that fans have been asking since the show started…and left us with a whole new bag of questions needing to be answered. Will the bomb have changed the future? Will we see the survivors land safely in LA like they would have been had they not crashed the island? Is Jacob really dead…can he die? Is Locke really Locke? In the show’s history this has to be one of the most pleasing season closer the show has had in its history. It answered just enough questions to keep the fans happy and opened up just enough new ones to keep fans on edge until the final season starts up in January.

–Shannon Elliott