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This spring semester has to be one of the best semesters that, not only myself, but many others, have seen at Skyline College with all of the sports teams. Let’s just take the time and really think about this. This spring, we have seen every single sport team (Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s Baseball, and Women’s Badminton) make it to the playoffs. Although we saw some teams lose in the first round, others made it as far as the second round and some even went to the National championship; it was still a semester to remember. Even if we did not win the championships, this still has to be one of the best years that we have seen from Skyline College in a very long time. For those of you who do not remember, let’s take a look back and see how spring was truly in the air for Skyline College sports.

Men’s Basketball: The Men Trojans started off a little rough, losing two games at the San Jose City College Tournament. They then quickly got back on track, winning four games straight. After a few ups and downs throughout the season, the Trojans came up winning three of their last five games, giving the Trojans a ticket to the playoffs. The Trojans played the first round of the playoffs against West Valley College. That game looked like it was going to be a high scoring game by West Valley College (back to back to back three-pointers in the first four minuets of the game) but the Trojans quickly got back on track, starting a 10-2 run ending the first half of the game. Skyline Trojans ended up wining that game against West Valley College 75-43. After what looked like an easy win, the Trojans were looking forward to playing the top-ranked Fresno City College. Fresno City College went into the game undefeated and it was going to be the first time all year that Fresno and Skyline would meet. After a hard fought fight, Fresno beat Skyline College 78-67, eliminating the Trojans from the 2008-2009 playoffs.

Lady Trojans: Like the Mens team, the Lady Trojans lost their first game of the season to Butte College 68-71. The Lady Trojans quickly got back on track, winning four straight games. After a hard 10-point loss to Santa Rosa Community College, the lady Trojans began to show their hard fighting spirit, winning 11 straight games and improving their record to 15-2. After a few losses and wins, back and fourth, the lady Trojans ended their regular season with a 22-6 record, giving them the ninth ranked team going into the playoffs. Their first play-off game was six hours north to face the Lassen College Cougars. After an easy 60-48 win, the lady Trojans had one school on their mind; top-ranked City College of San Francisco Lady Rams. The Rams and the Lady Trojans played each other twice this season, with City College of San Francisco winning both games. The lady Trojans had the “third times a charm” attitude going into the game, hoping that they would beat City College and go on to the elite eight tournament for the Northern California Community College Women’s Basketball playoffs. After a hard fought game from both teams, players from both sides getting many cheers and boos, and Lady Trojans players even starting to bleed, the Lady Rams won the game 59-71, eliminating the Lady Trojans from the playoffs.

Men’s Baseball: The men’s baseball team started off a little rough. They won their first game of the season, and then ended up losing five straight games, pushing their record to 1-5. This baseball season had many ups and downs. During some games, many people felt that the Trojans were not going to get their act together and make their push to the playoffs. But on April 9, 2009, the Trojans proved everyone who ever looked down on them wrong. They pulled off a tough win against Sacramento City College, beating Sacramento 7-6. After that win, the Trojans won 6 straight games, giving them a chance to play in the playoffs. The Trojans played Cosumnes River College in a best of 3 games. After loosing the 1st game 7-3 on May 8, 2009, the Trojans came into the game on May 9 with a do or die situation. It’s win or go home, and win is just what the Trojans did. The Trojans beat Cosumnes River College 6-2, and they had 30 minutes to get their star players rested and ready for the third game. In the third game, the Trojans had high hopes of winning and going on to the second round. After many hits and outs, Cosumnes River College beat Skyline College with the final score of 3-2. Skyline College Men’s Baseball team’s season was then over. A season where we saw the Trojans start off rough and get back on track almost 2 and a half months later, a season where we saw the Trojans pull one of the biggest wins of the season against Cosumnes River College was finally over.

Women’s Badminton: As usual, the Skyline College Badminton team dominated Badminton this season. They stared off their season beating Mission College with the final score of 20-1. They continued their winning ways, beating schools such as Fresno and De Anza. Their only loss this season came against the undefeated City College of San Francisco. This year Skyline College played host to the Coast Conference Finals. After conference finals, only two players made it to the State Final in Irvine. Nour Abudamous, Skylines top-ranked player in singles and Rachell Berania both qualified for the singles tournament. Abudamous placed fourth heading for the finals, and Berania placed eighth. Although they did not win in the state Finals, Abudamous was one of the top eight in the singles, and both Berania and Abudamous were in the top eight for doubles in the state finals.

So this season has by far been one of the best seasons in Skyline College history. Although many of the sports teams had their downs, they all pulled together and got back on track as one. Although Skyline College did not win a championship this year, all you can do is get better, and that is how Skyline is looking right now. Both the Men’s and Women’s Basketball improved this year compared to last year, and next year that’s what they will do. Although it has been five years since Skyline Trojans Men’s baseball team made it to the Conference Championship, we can all see that they are getting better each and every year and it is just a matter of time until they are back at the Promised Land. Let’s not forget the Women’s Badminton teams, who have done extremely well year after year. One thing that is going to happen with the Badminton team that is not going on with the other Skyline College sports team is that the entire roster from the Badminton team is all returning. You think they did good this season, then just wait until you see them next year! So, let’s all say goodbye one more time to a well played sports year for the spring, and let’s do the same thing next year. But until then, hello fall!