Federal Dream Act

The Federal Dream Act, reintroduced into legislation on March 26, 2009, is aimed to allow undocumented citizens to compete by applying for financial aid at public colleges.

Opponents of this act believe that this is a threat to the middle class, taking the opportunity of financial aid away from many legally documented students.

Proponents of this act believe that the undocumented students who went though the public education system deserve financial support for higher education just as much as a native student.

ASCC President Alma Núñez is an advocate of the Federal Dream Act. Although she is no longer affected by this act because she recently obtained residency, she can still remember feeling like a second class citizen because she could not fill out a FASFA

“My education is not my own; it belongs to my neighbors, undocumented or not, just as theirs belong to me because everyone reaps the benefits of an educated population – standard of living will always go up,” said Núñez. “Learning is a collective tool, not a competitive weapon.”