Former Skyline student, missing 20 days, found alive

James Duncan III, 24, a former Skyline student now enrolled at Howard University, recently contacted police after being missing for nearly three weeks.

Duncan had last been seen on March 24 near his dorm at the Howard Plaza Towers.

Duncan was reported missing by his family. They received a strange e-mail requesting money – as much as they could spare – but when they sent it to a local bank nobody came to pick it up.

The MPD classified Duncan as a Critical Missing Persons case, which can happen in situations where they believe an individual’s life may be in danger, they are being held against their will, or other foul play is suspected.

Duncan’s mother, Terri Lynn Ellenberg, flew to the D.C. area after the money went unclaimed, trying to find her son.

Ellenberg posted fliers all over the D.C. area and Howard University, hoping someone would be reminded of seeing her son.

On April 14, Duncan contacted local police to tell them that he was alive and well, though his location was not disclosed. Duncan evidently did not want his whereabouts known, and since he is an adult, police had no choice but to honor his request.

The news that her son is alive and well did come as a relief to Duncan’s mother, who is still attempting to find her son, but is encouraged by the fact that he is alive and apparently unharmed.