Skyline student scores job at the Career Expo

 (Derrick Smith)

(Derrick Smith)

Skyline College held its Career Expo event last week, which included resume, interview, and job fair workshops. Several students on-hand sat in during the interview lecture workshop, where pre-interview, interview process, and interview questions were discussed. Career Center advisor, Angelica Gorostiza was moderator for the interview workshop.

During the workshop event students asked questions and were given a Dynamic Interview Guide packet, which covered 13 steps to a dynamic interview, interview tips from employers, employers questions, and questions you may ask employers, as well as resources.

Skyline College students didn’t mind asking and answering questions about how to better prepare them for a job interview. When attending a job interview “always ask questions and not assume the employer got all the answers,” Gorostiza says. “Introducing yourself in the beginning of the interview is the first sign to an employer.”

Kelvin Cheah is an 18 year old freshman student majoring in counseling who says the workshop was definitely a good experience for him, although before preparing for an interview, “researching the company and finding out their mission are the beginning of the first step in preparing for the interview,” Cheah says.

“Having the ability to ask questions is pertinent during an interview process,” Gorotiza says. “Fear should not dominate anyone when meeting with employers during a job interview. Paying attention and giving the employer your undivided attention helps in asking the right questions.”

Nick Sharma is a 19-year-old resident of San Bruno, CA, who is in his freshman year at Skyline College was one of the lucky ones to score a job. In spite of the economic downfall the United States faces, with the housing crisis and job market lost, Sharma had the determination and passion to attend a job fair at Skyline College.

Several weeks ago US Bank was on campus recruiting for jobs in several areas of management and entry level teller. Several students flocked to the job site in hopes of becoming an employer with US Bank, according to Sharma. Sharma presented himself with courage and dignity in seeking employment with US Bank.

US Bank told Sharma about the position and offered him their business card. Several weeks later Sharma contacted US Bank to set up an appointment where they told him about the position requirements and skills needed for the job.

Following the phone call set-up, Sharma was hired as a part-time entry-level bank teller for US Bank. He immediately started legal training and became officially employed with the bank. With other students who applied with the bank Sharma says, “it must have been God who was looking out for me”.