The View From Here

This past week has been exceptionally busy for us. Not only have we had to roll out the print edition of the paper, but we just hosted a gaming tournament (congratulations again to Victor Tam, who took home the $250 prize) as well as trying to schedule everything for the JACC conference that most of us are leaving for this Thursday.

I’m also enforcing new deadlines, which hopefully will allow us to see more of our content come in on time. We were having a big problem with stories slipping through the cracks as far as deadlines were concerned. Late interviews and last-minute content slowed production down to almost a crawl.

It never seems to fail – every print production we seem to be doing well on time, and then layout starts and the full force on what is left to be done hits you, and you realize you’re looking at a 10p.m. deadline again.

But enough with the negative stuff – hopefully the new deadlines will fix most of the production problems, and in the meantime, we have the JACC conference to look forward to. I’ve never been, personally, but if the stories of the staff members who have are any indication, it sounds like it’s going to be loads of fun.

Oh, and I’m sure we’ll learn stuff or something like that.

Speaking of learning stuff, we learned that it was a bit too optimistic of us to plan for a 96-player tournament with only a week to advertise for it.

The Brawl tournament we hosted wasn’t a failure by any means. A decent amount of people still joined, the club’s coffers aren’t suffering horribly, and hopefully we’ve garnered support if we decide to host anything of the sort again (Send us your game recommendations! We’re thinking of “Street Fighter 4” if we host another one…).

Either way, hosting the tournament was a great deal of fun, as was Brawling it out with the champions after the event was over. I lost. Horribly. So horribly the game gave me a free Smash Ball to try and make up for my abysmally low score. But in my defense, I was fighting the tournament champion.

Anyway, next time I write this I’ll be one JACC conference older, wiser, and more… newsworthy? So I guess I’ll see you then.