As the battle continues…

Although a decision has already been made, there is still a lot of controversy over prop 8. At our campus, this issue it’s really important and most students are aware of it. Here at Skyline college supporters are fairly well divided, some agree with prop 8 and some do not.

“People have different beliefs and religions, and we should respect they way people chose to live,” said Jemario Rugley, Skyline College student.

In my opinion, I believe people should have the right to live they way they want to live as long as they do not affect others around them.

Some might argue that granting homosexuals the marriage right will affect everybody including children – I disagree. I believe that the best education should be at home, as long as children are well educated, nothing they see will have an effect on them.

The controversy only gets bigger and bigger, according to an article at, the Obama Administration has agreed to support the UN declaration to decriminalize homosexuals.

The same declaration has been previously rejected by the Bush Administration. Many judged the administration and questioned many legal issues.

Here at Skyline, students have divided opinions about the issue. Even though there has been a big conflict about the banning of gay marriage being unconstitutional, students around the campus are very clear about their own view.

“I think it is unconstitutional because we should be able to have our own beliefs and practice them freely,” said Diego Silva, Skyline College student.

Just as people have the right to choose or not to choose a religion, people should be allowed to choose who they want to share their life with.

Opinions are well shared among students, some support Prop 8 and do not believe that it is unconstitutional.

“It is not unconstitutional; their decisions can possibly affect the way my children are raised,” said Ronny Freeman, Skyline student.

With the weight on both sides, it can be very confusing, but now days there is a lot of information about social issues available for people. It is our job to inform and educate ourselves and at the end, make our society a better one.