Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down


Without it we couldn’t breathe.

-Andrew Lidwell

THUMBS DOWN: The Watchmen video game

Say what you will, but it’s going to be impossible to capture the pacing and story of the comics or the movie in something like a video game.

-Andrew Lidwell

THUMBS UP: Manual cars

I first learned to drive a manual when I was 15 or 16, and totally despised it. I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Looking back now, I’m thankful to have endured the frustration of using a clutch and shifting. Now it’s just second nature, like riding a bicycle. Moreover, the biggest benefit I’ve gained is that now I’m able to drive either a manual or automatic transmission (not that there’s much of a choice). I’ve also tried teaching my friends to drive a stick shift hoping they don’t get discouraged. It seems very unlikely though.

-Gui Oliveira

THUMBS DOWN: Video game movies

All they do is ruin what the original game stands for. (Ex. Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Doom, Silent Hill, House of the Dead, Max Payne)

-Jay Johnson