The View From Here

I’ll take a deep breath to calm myself down here, because this is a blog/column, not a space for me to rant. I will say that if people keep treating the online edition like it’s excess baggage to the print edition this paper is going to ultimately fail.

Online readers, ESPECIALLY in off weeks, represent a significant portion of our readers. Treating them like we have been, with a couple new articles a week, is unfair, unprofessional, and if we want to succeed as a newspaper we can’t keep spurning that demographic.

That being said, I do enjoy the relaxed feel of doing the online edition. When we do print issues, there are extra responsibilities, like layout, and an absolute deadline to consider. Online, that doesn’t exist. Not to say there isn’t a deadline, but we don’t have to worry about doing layout and we don’t have a deadline hanging over our heads like a guillotine.

Still, people need to get motivated. Four articles in the online edition doesn’t cut it, and that’s probably the biggest thing I want to change this semester. Obviously it’s going to be more of a work in progress than I thought, but we should get there.