The View From Here

There’s been an enormous drive to “go green” lately. Last print issue we talked about the coffee shop switching to more organic products. This issue we’re talking about an entire course of study devoted to environmentally friendly technology. The point is that I like it. A society based entirely on finite resources (read: oil) is doomed to fail eventually. I can get behind the searching for alternative fuel sources 100%, especially if we’re not destroying the planet even further in the process. When you look at practical applications of the alternative fuel sources we have, you admittedly don’t see much. Solar power only works during bright days, hydrogen fuel is still a long way off, and so on. But it doesn’t help that under this country’s previous administration, billions upon billions of dollars that could have gone towards preserving our economy and our environment were squandered. A war was continually funded, even when the government couldn’t come up with a reason why. People stopped buying companies’ products in favor of cheaper, better-made alternatives, and they took our money anyway with a massive bailout. And with all that money leaving the budget, less and less was coming in. In a situation like that, you have to make some cuts. Unfortunately, the first things that get cut are the things you don’t need right here and now – and mounting costs into research are one of those things. Still, maybe we’re getting a new shot at all this. With Bush’s administration gone, and Obama having made some weighty promises in his campaign, we could be looking forward to a promising future for efficient, clean technology. Here’s hoping, anyway.