Spring Sleep

The iPhone supports an unlimited amount of alarms to be set to one’s desire. If you’ve got two, or twenty set to get you moving in the morning – for some of us, it still simply isn’t enough. Setting it to wake you up from the gift that sandman gave is truly a crime. Slamming on the snooze button doesn’t really extend your voyage into dreamland, it simply interrupts any ounce of extra sleep you might get out.

Still, even as the sun rises without you, the truth is this: waking up early is so overrated. Yes, there are morning people who have no trouble rolling out of bed at 6am, and even folks who choose not to sleep in on weekends. But where is the rush to? Many of us may have jobs or school to hustle towards, but if you have the opportunity to – getting a few more ZZzzz’s is always worth it. Whether it’s a long night of partying, catching a movie you simply couldn’t stop watching, or slamming your thumbs to the wee hours of the morning, lying helpless in bed as you skip both breakfast and brunch, nothing out there compares to that true, bliss feeling of eyes closed.

Still, it is quite satisfying to get the day started early and accomplish something on your list you’ve been meaning to take care of. Also, many may be quick to point out that you only have one life – why waste a third of it in bed? Well good friends, many simply just can’t enjoy enough the comforts of a warm and cozy bed. Hear that rain tapping on your window in the early morning hours? It’s the heavens above letting you know that yes, it is alright to dream.

So with the alarm buzzing and your thoughts moving onto the long day ahead of you… Hit the snooze button, or better yet, don’t even set it to go off in the first place.