Old Man Logan

Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, the two men that brought a super hero civil war to the Marvel Universe, have reunited to tackle Wolverine’s distant future in “Old Man Logan.”

“Old Man Logan” takes place 50 years after the day all the villains won. That’s right, all the world’s villains teamed up to take down all the heroes, including the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and pretty much everyone else. 50 years later the world is in turmoil. The United States has been divided into sectors, each controlled by a different villain and Wolverine has retired that name and become a pacifist farmer whose claws haven’t popped since the disaster.

Without giving away too much detail on the plot, Logan is in a financial rut and can not afford rent. Enter blind Hawkeye, who needs to transport something across the country. Hawkeye hires Logan, who refuses to do any fighting, to navigate him from Sacramento to New York. Thus the adventure begins.

Though only five of eight issues have come out, this story has been great so far. As a special treat at last week’s New York Comic Con, it was announced that there would even be an additional annual taking place in the world of “Old Man Logan.” This arc has instantly become a cult favorite.

The best issue so far is hands down the one where you find out what happened to Wolverine that made him give up fighting. Two words: mind blowing. I refuse to say what happened but I will tell you that you’ll completely understand why Wolverine walked away from it all.

If you are a Wolverine fan, this arc is completely for you. In fact, I hope that they revisit the realm of “Old Man Logan” but from the view of another character. In any case check it out.