ASSC Meeting

Smart cards, the Alcohol Awareness Program, counseling, on campus theft and improvements to the student center were discussed at the ASSC meeting Monday.

Colleges like Foothill and San Francisco State already use smart cards and have been successful.

The card would provide new technology that would theoretically eliminate old roll taking procedures and would be a student ID, library card, printing card, and debit card all in one.

The card is “a great move into the 21st century,” Com. of Activities Ray Parenti-Kurtila said.

Students could use the card in the bookstore, cafeteria and café as a debit card to buy food or school supplies.

“It could be one ultimate card,” Parenti-Kurtila said.

The Alcohol Awareness Program at the college would speak to students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

In order to get students involved in the program a DUI simulator is being considered. The simulator would be a stationary ride with a screen that shows students what driving under the influence would look like. The simulator could cost up to $2,500.

Due to the economic crisis ASSC advisor Amory Cariadus talked about students reaching out to campus counseling services.

Cariadus said students needing any help can turn to Beverly Muse in building 2 in room 221 or call (650) 738-4459.

“In hard times theft becomes a problem,” Cariadus said, referring to the increase of campus crime. “Take care of yourself and others,” she urged.

Improvements to the student center have visibly improved campus life. The student center has seen more foot traffic and because of the café, couches, fireplace and high def TV more students than ever are hanging out.